Monday, August 4, 2008


Hospice industry leaders and planners often explain public resistance to enrolling in hospice as being caused by the public "not understanding" what hospice is all about. While many individuals do not truly understand what hospice is all about, there are many who simply recognize the realities of the industry. Either through their own family's experience or the experience of a friend, they know that is becoming increasingly common for hospices to hasten a patient's death.The public is not as dumb as the professionals in the industry would like to think. The public knows that if they enter hospice, in some cases, their death may be hastened. Doctors in the community often comment, "if you enter hospice, you'll be dead in two weeks." Why? Because in many cases, patients are routinely given morphine and Ativan (a common sedative) even if their symptoms do not require it. The irresponsible administration of clinically inappropriate medications in order to make for a "nice hospice death" is seen by some as what it is: medical killing:


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